Vayu Aerial Yoga




"Vayu Aerial Yoga is a practice that was developed to create space mentally and physically, by opening up the body through a series of various postures using a custom designed yoga swing. The Swing is a support system and tool used to facilitate and understand alignment while creating space within the body. Through specific articulation of movement and postures we incorporate strength and the lengthening of the muscles isometrically to create core strength and balance as well as allowing the nervous system to relax. Inverting the body while suspended in the air not only provides many physical benefits such as spinal decompression, it also expands the mind by creating confidence, overcoming fear and allowing a change in the standard physical perception. It is truly the experience of a floating meditation”- Ana Prada, Founder of Vayu Aerial Yoga

What is Vayu Aerial Yoga?

"At the start of 2016 Sianna gained a teaching certification in Vayu Aerial Yoga from an intensive training course in Costa Rica with Ana Prada.


Sianna wishes to bring this unique and invaluable approach of combining two things she loves to around the world. For further information on Vayu Aerial Yoga classes click on the Learn tab."

Beginners Workshop Experience

A two hour Intensive allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the Vayu Aerial Yoga Experience. Complete beginners welcome and strongly encouraged. This Workshop is suitable for adults of all abilities whether you have experience in Yoga, Aerial, Pilates, Pole, Crossfit, Triathlon etc. or just want to try something new, everyone is welcome.

What to wear? 
Comfy clothes and layer up.
NO buttons or zippers and NO jewellery that can pierce the fabric PLEASE.

What to bring? 
Water and if you are a practising Yogi, bring your own Yoga mat. If not, don’t worry we can also provide you with our own yoga mat on the day. Tea and treats are also provided 





Founder of Vayu, Ana Prada (


Info.    (Available in the form of a Class/Intensive Workshops and Pop Ups)


Sianna is a fantastic instructor who brings joy, laughter, and a calming energy to the room. The workshop I attended was accessible and still challenging, all the while exposing me to a new depth of my practice. I'll definitely be back in the future :)

I have been to two workshops in aerial yoga with Sianna and cannot wait to do more! She is an excellent teacher who explains every move and breath very clearly. I have found that the classes are fantastic for releasing tension, especially in my back and shoulders, as well as building strength. I would highly recommend them to anyone who practices aerial or just wants to try something new!

The best workshop! I really wish it was on weekly. I was worried initially that it would be above my abilities, but Sianna was amazing at adapting her teachings to my level of comfort (including weird injuries!). A great space and a fantastic class, lead by a brilliant teacher. So glad this is in Galway now!

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